Mon, June 24 - Barramundi in Cashew Curry with Tricoloured Quinoa by Ng Soo Leng

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Pan-seared Barramundi with cashew curry sauce and quinoa.

About the Dish Designer
A former F&B marketing professional with a flair for cooking, Soo Leng’s career evolution naturally led her to her current position as a private chef. Completely self-taught, she only started cooking regularly after she got married. Though she initially cooked only Western dishes for her two-person household, Soo Leng started to miss the Asian flavours and spices she grew up eating, and began creating fusion dishes that incorporates familiar Asian flavours with ingredients commonly used in Western dishes. She loves the versatility and aroma of lemongrass which she uses in most of her dishes and creates flavourful clean meals with all-natural ingredients.