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Our vision is to create a world where people can eat well affordably, conveniently and make a positive social impact all together.

Today’s on-demand food delivery has put hawkers at a disadvantage

When the cost incurred to fulfill a delivery stay constant, the more affordable the meals are, the higher the delivery premium percentage. This means either the hawkers or their delivery customers have to bear higher relative costs in the form of platform commissions, markups or delivery fees. And that’s the main reason why popularity of hawker food delivery hasn’t matched the popularity of hawker food itself in Singapore.

Making hawkers more efficient to level the playing field

Hawkers and independent eateries represent a huge part of Singapore’s cultural heritage but they are facing increasing challenges from quick service restaurants and kiosks that are more efficient and more capable of serving on-demand delivery orders during peak hours. By placing bulk orders on a single dish one day in advance and picking up food before peak hours, we’re helping hawkers to maximize productivity and stay competitive for food delivery.

Creating an affordable food delivery solution for everyday use

The efficiency we enable, makes Livingmenu’s food delivery service the most affordable by any measure. Our users can mix and match the highest rated meals from up to eight vendors for each delivery. And we provide them with vendor options from different parts of Singapore every day. Even our order process is more efficient as our users get to pre-order their meals for the whole week from multiple vendors in a single checkout.

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