Delivering the best
& most affordable meals

from hawkers and independent eateries with
no markup, no minimum order and no hidden cost.

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Lowest islandwide delivery fee

For a flat delivery fee, we bring you top-rated vendors from different parts of Singapore via a daily evolving menu, instead of limiting you to the nearby commercialized outlets.

You can also plan your meals ahead by placing multiple days of orders in a single checkout.

Mix & match from top-rated vendors

We ensure your satisfaction by delivering only dishes that score consistently high ratings from users.

You can easily order a packet of chicken rice and a bubble tea or even items from up to 8 different vendors without incurring additional delivery fees.

Best for individual order

Never again pay a small order fee anymore.

Even better for group order

Everyone gets their choice of vendor in a single checkout.


Top rated hawkers


Punctuality record


Meals delivered

Experience the food delivery you can trust

Now available to most parts of Singapore. Advance order required.